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If you went days, weeks, or months without brushing your teeth, you’d probably end up with quite a few dental problems. Your pets are no different. Ensuring your pet has healthy teeth and gums is essential to maintaining overall health and wellbeing, as dental disease is one of the most common conditions in cats and dogs. Regent Avenue Veterinary Clinic has a pet dentist in Winnipeg who can help make sure your pets are getting the dental care they need. We offer comprehensive dental services for all of your furry friends, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you think your pet is having a tooth problem.


Why Should My Pet Visit a Pet Dentist?

The importance of oral hygiene for your pets cannot be stressed enough. Your pets’ teeth and gums play a vital role in their overall health, as dental diseases can interfere with more than their eating habits. Poor oral hygiene can be the source of bad breath, gum disease, and even organ damage. Without proper dental care, your pets can experience infections, constant pain, and even heart disease or kidney failure.


To prevent such issues, and to help make sure your pets live long lives, it’s essential for you to take your pets to the pet dentist. Winnipeg residents can rely on Regent Avenue Veterinary Clinic for a wide range of pet dentistry services.


Our Pet Dentistry Services

Regent Avenue Veterinary Clinic offers a wide range of dental services for your pets. With these services, our pet dentist in Winnipeg can help your pets live more comfortable lives. Our services include:


 Routine dental cleanings
 Dental extractions of fractured teeth
 Periodontal services
 Bite correction
 Dental X-rays
 Tooth restoration
 And more


How to Care for Your Pet’s Teeth at Home

It’s important to visit the pet dentist in Winnipeg regularly to help prevent and detect dental problems, but there are also steps you can take at home to ensure your pet has healthy teeth. The best way to prevent painful conditions and avoid the need for dental surgery is to clean your pet’s teeth at home. When you visit Regent Avenue Veterinary Clinic for a regular pet dentist visit, our team can show you some helpful techniques for brushing your pet’s teeth.


Visit Your Local Pet Dentist in Winnipeg

We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth once a week and examining your pet’s teeth on a monthly basis to check for plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar will look like an accumulation of yellow or brown material where the tooth meets the gums. If you see a buildup of plaque or tartar, it’s time to visit a pet dentist. Tartar comes with bacteria that irritates the gum tissues and causes inflammation which, left alone, can cause periodontitis. Once taken care of, the inflammation will go down.


At a minimum, we recommend visiting the pet dentist once or twice a year, but this is a case-by-case situation. Small dogs are more susceptible to plaque than larger dogs are, and some pets are genetically predisposed to certain conditions. Contact Regent Avenue Veterinary Clinic today for a pet dental examination, and we’ll be able to tell you how frequently your pet should visit the pet dentist in Winnipeg.



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